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The molecular bond is the third leg in a total of six frustrated spin triangles. 18. 3 K and (b) T = 30 K. The low temperature gap in the excitation spectrum is consistent with expectations based on specific heat and susceptibility data that can be accounted for by the spin ladder model[93, 94]. 3 ˚ A−1 . From Ref. 19. Wave vector dependence of the first moment ¯ hω Q ≡ ∞ ¯ 2 −∞ ωS αα (Q, ω)dω of inelastic magnetic powder neutron scattering from h CuHpCl. For a spin system described by a Heisenberg spin hamiltonian, this quantity is a lattice fourier transform of inter-spin bond energies[83, 82].

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