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By Jenny Blain

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This obtainable examine of Northern eu shamanistic perform, or seidr, explores the way the traditional Norse trust structures evoked within the Icelandic Sagas and Eddas were rediscovered and reinvented by means of teams in Europe and North the United States. The publication examines the phenomenon of altered awareness and the interactions of seid-workers or shamanic practitioners with their spirit worlds. Written by way of a follower of seidr, it investigates new groups all in favour of a postmodern quest for religious which means.

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Bil makes plain that he is a ‘shaman’ for today (he prefers the term ‘seidman’), a North American working within a living landscape specific to his area of the United States. He is neither a Viking nor an ancient Saxon nor a Germanic tribesperson. What he constructs is for today, as a community practitioner dealing with a multi-cultural, multi- The saying of the Norns 21 religious community, mediating between folk, land and spirits. One point that many seidr practitioners make is that learning to do seidr is taught through doing it, and that the ‘teachers’ are not so much other practitioners as those met within the journey: which again fits with traditional shamanic, and present-day neoshamanistic accounts.

It lights up, the torch and the lake light up the area enough to actually see the dead people. And I walk down there and they tend to gather round, and I’ll say, would those who need to speak with me or speak with the people I’m here representing please come forward. I’ve never seen anything scary, they look like people, the ones that have been there are passing on I guess to another life or whatever they’re going to do, sometimes they’re just like shadows, some look like living men and women, some are somewhere in between.

But I thought that she was going to teach me what I want to know... Ms Paxson adds, in her commentary, that she analysed the process even as she experienced this shamanic ‘journey’. As a Westerner, she had learned to separate personal experience from scientific ‘textbook knowledge’, and to discount the former. She was suspicious also, because of her knowledge of ravens in both Native and European mythology, and what they implied. When I sought a power animal in the Underworld, I understood the significance of the raven who came to me.

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