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Aid your baby find out about the moon with this fact-packed consultant, monstrous wall chart, interactive clip-art CD and committed site. From the robots that experience explored the moon's floor to the large spacecraft which trip to it; allow your baby become aware of all approximately our planet's nearest neighbor, its waterless seas and highly very important influence on Earth's ocean tides. they're going to notice extra via downloading 100s of wonderful photos from the clip-art CD. Then use the enormous pull-out wall chart to accessorize their room. nice for initiatives or simply for enjoyable, confirm your baby learns every little thing they should learn about neighbor moon.

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The CM with the astronauts inside would then splash down in the ocean. 5 m (11½ ft) high. The control panel inside it had 24 instrument displays, 71 lights, and 560 switches. 6 m (25 ft) long and 4 m (13 ft) wide. It had one main engine and small motors for performing manoeuvres. The Lunar Module with its two stages stood 7 m (23 ft) tall. the three modules 39 rockets for returning to Earth orbit 7. CM separates from SM and returns crew to Earth 4. LM lands on lunar surface The Lunar Module was designed to be lightweight so it would use as little fuel as possible.

Each wanted to be the first to achieve important goals in space. This space race took place at a time known as the “Cold War”, when political relations between the US and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or Soviet Union) were extremely tense. Initially the USSR was ahead of the US. Programmes began in both countries to train astronauts and gain experience of spaceflight. From 1961 onwards, landing people on the Moon became the main goal of the space race, after US President John F Kennedy declared that America’s aim was to reach the Moon by the end of the 1960s.

Armstrong skilfully piloted Eagle to the lunar surface, avoiding large boulders. About two hours after leaving Columbia behind, they were safely on the ground – with just enough fuel left in the descent-stage engines for another 20 seconds of flying! man on the moon About 15 minutes after Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon, Buzz Aldrin followed him down the ladder. The two astronauts set up an American flag, though not to claim any territory on the Moon. A TV camera mounted on Eagle captured pictures of Buzz Aldrin saluting the flag, while Neil Armstrong held the flagpole steady in the soft lunar soil.

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