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Tracing the improvement of arithmetic from a biographical perspective, "Mathematics Frontiers: 1950 to the current" profiles innovators from the second one half the 20 th century who made major discoveries in either natural and utilized arithmetic. From John H. Conway, who helped entire the class of all finite teams (and invented "The video game of existence" board game), to Stephen Hawking, who proven the mathematical foundation for black holes, to Fan Chung, who built an encoding and interpreting set of rules for cellular phone calls, this full of life survey of latest minds in the back of the maths is perfect for center and highschool scholars looking assets for study or common curiosity.

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Reading Eric Temple Bell’s book Men of Mathematics, he became interested in the lives of research mathematicians and worked out the proofs of some classic results in number theory. During his senior year of high school, he took additional mathematics courses at Bluefield College. With his father, Nash, at the age of 17, authored the paper “Sag and Tension Calculations for Cable and Wire Spans Using Catenary Formulas,” which was published in the journal Electrical Engineering in 1945. The article described an improved method for calculating the proper tensions for electric cables and wires, a project that had entailed weeks of field measurements followed by mathematical analysis.

Wilkins left Howard University and spent the years 1977 to 1984 at EG&G Idaho, a large engineering firm in Idaho Falls. In his position as vice president and deputy general manager for science and engineering, he coordinated projects involving nuclear science and optics. His research papers “Minimum Critical Mass Nuclear Reactors, Part I and Part II,” published in 1982 in Nuclear Science and Engineering, discussed critical aspects involved in the design and operation of nuclear reactors. In “Apodization for Maximum Critical Irradiance of Resolution, II,” published in 1984 in the Journal of the Optical Society of America A: Optics and Image Science, he presented his work on the design and manufacture of optical equipment.

After 50 more steps one obtains 8 = 23 to conclude that 3 is the second prime number. 46 Mathematics Frontiers During the lecture “Some Crazy Sequences” that he delivered in 1988 at AT&T Bell Labs, Conway introduced the recursively defined sequence whose first two terms are A(1) = 1, A(2) = 1 and whose nth term is defined by the expression A(n) = A(A(n – 1)) + A(n – A(n – 1)). The first several terms of this sequence, known as Conway’s recursive sequence, are 1,1,2,2,3,4,4,4,5,6,7,8, . . He showed that A(2k) = 2k – 1 for any positive integer k, A(2n) ≤ 2 · A(n) for any positive integer n, and for large values of n, the general term of the sequence is very close to .

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