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By John Melady

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Marc Garneau, Roberta Bondar, Julie Payette, Robert Thirsk, Chris Hadfield, and extra lately, man Lalibertthe founding father of Cirque de Soleil, all have something in universal: theyre a few of the only a few Canadians who've been in space.

The release of a spaceship is very interesting. Thats why millions of individuals come to observe. They snicker, cheer, and applaud because the rocket rises. They see the smoke, steam, and white-hot hearth as thousands of litres of gasoline burn in seconds. They consider the chest-thumping influence of the sound. Then they stare upward for a very long time till they could now not see even a tiny speck within the far-off sky. through that point, the craft is in house. Canadas astronauts come from around the kingdom: from farms, towns, and little towns.

They went to massive colleges and to small ones. Maple Leaf in area showcases those notable Canadians who've ventured off our planet and provides a number of the thrill of what thats like.

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After a time, he went to England and studied electrical engineering at the Imperial College of Science and Technology. This school is situated in London, one of the most fascinating cities in the world. D. degree. From them on he could be addressed as “Dr. Garneau,” along with his rank in the navy. Two years before he became an astronaut, that rank was “commander,” and it was earned after several navy assignments in Halifax, Ottawa, and elsewhere. During the time that Commander Garneau was advancing in his navy career, other Canadians were working closely with an organization in the United States called the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, to build a futuristic crane for a new spaceship the Americans were developing.

Even though they’re working in the water, the astronauts wear spacesuits. During these training periods, technicians in scuba gear are always close at hand in case of an emergency. The pool temperature is kept comfortably warm because the men and women who have to work submerged do so for hours at a time. The JSC has all kinds of simulators where the motion of a spaceship, the roar of its launch, the view outside, and the pressure of added gravitational forces can be duplicated with amazing accuracy.

Today, everything to do with spaceship design, development, and assembly is an international effort. Shuttle parts and space-related pieces of equipment are made all over Canada, but the best known are the Canadarms and that amazing invention called Dextre. We’ll talk more about those later in the book. First, let’s examine the major steps in the period that leads up to every launch. In the weeks before a mission the shuttle is checked over, carefully and often, and sometimes more or less rebuilt, in order to ensure that it is as safe as possible for the fantastic and dangerous journey to come.

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