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This crucial new publication informs academic leaders approximately present advancements within the use of electronic applied sciences and offers a couple of case reports demonstrating their worth and complexity. It encourages leaders to interact within the means of winning switch for his or her personal institution group by means of offering directions and suggestion drawn from rising examine. prime a electronic tuition is a wealthy resource of data and recommendation approximately becoming a member of the hot 'education revolution.' It indicates truly and concisely how colleges can combine electronic applied sciences creatively and properly in an effort to liven up educating and aid scholar studying.

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What resources have you got? What results are gained from them? What does your school need (rather than want) to ‘live its vision’ and achieve its goals? 4 Policy, practice and procedure: Are current school policies, programs and practices efficiently and effectively supporting teaching and learning? Will they support the desired change? Notes: • The term ‘you’ can apply to you as an educational leader, to your school community, or to your system, whichever is more useful. • These elements and questions have been expanded into a series of templates that can be adapted and used to support you in your planning journey.

1 Require—for a trial period—that all hardware and software decisions be preceded with a brief rationale for the principal/system executive, explaining how the item(s) fit within the school/system total schema of technology acquisitions. M AN AGIN G E N TH USIASM : FROM EARLY AD O P TION TO S USTAIN E D WIDESPREAD USE When selecting digital technology to support teaching and learning, the aim should be for that technology to be used by all teachers, and become as accepted as the pen, paper and the traditional teaching board.

For our purposes, the Crosby Grid approach can be used to describe the key features of a fully developed ‘digital school’, by treating the final stage of the grid (Certainty) as a statement of the preferred future for a functioning digital school. 6 (page 25). 6), so that the steps of your ‘change journey’ can be forecast and tracked. 7 (page 27). 5 Preferred future characteristics of schooling NOW PREFERRED FUTURE (TRADITIONAL SCHOOLS) (SCHOOLS AS LEARNING ORGANISATIONS) Education occurs at scheduled times Education is 24/7 and partly occurs in deliberate, physical locations called in deliberate physical locations called schools, colleges, universities.

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