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By W.A. Barlow (Eds.)

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F o r the X-ray diffraction we used the smoothest substrates we could conveniently obtain. These were glass and quartz slides and silicon wafers. O n all of these we found that the film did not deposit on the first insertion but that good adhesion 9could be obtained upon withdrawal. e. deposition occurred both on entry of and on exit from the water with hydrophilic (-phobic) ends on the substrate attaching to hydrophilic (-phobic) ends on the water. This results in a film with an odd number of layers.

This 2+ second hypothesis is correct. In this case the ratio [ S t P b ] / [ S t 2P b ] is independent of the P b concentration, as can easily be shown from the equilibria 2+ 2St"+Pb and <=>PbSt2 2+ Sr+Pb + ±=^StPb + Hence we conclude that the layers are composed of two species, P b S t 2 and StPb , of which only the latter can participate in the transfer reaction. As described earlier, the density of the molecules transferred onto the slide during the upward passage is less than that during the downward passage.

2. Schematic diagram of the model used to compute the diffraction pattern. Laminae 1 and 2 represent the substrate, laminae 3-5y represent the first layer of M n S t and those from 5^ tolOj the 2 second layer of MnSt . The third layer is the mirror image of the second layer, the fourth layer is the 2 mirror image of the third, etc. Two layers in a multilayer thus form a unit cell of spacing D. The thicknesses and 3 values listed under "start" are estimates derived in the text and are used to calculate the curve in Fig.

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