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The sub-zero temperatures and glacial stipulations to which the polar areas of the Earth are usually topic may make it tough for plenty of folks to outlive there for lengthy sessions of time. but lifestyles is found in either the Arctic and Antarctic, and the trap of gaining knowledge of new territories and assets has attracted either researchers and explorers to those icy expanses. Readers will trip along a few of the early expeditions and should find out about the stipulations and existence that contain the polar ecosystems.

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At Camp Tuto tunnels were constructed through solid ice. Both camps have since been closed, though long- and short-term scientific studies are still carried out in the region. In addition to an extensive scientific research program, Canada has encouraged 39 Investigating Earth’s Polar Biomes a widespread search for significant mineral deposits in its far north. It holds 28 percent of the Earth’s Arctic land surface. Only Russia has more—40 percent. In the late 1960s huge reserves of natural gas were found on Melville and other Canadian Arctic islands, and in 1970 oil was discovered near the mouth of the Mackenzie River.

The South Poles Antarctica has three points that are called south poles. The best known is the geographic South Pole, at 90° S. latitude on the axis of the Earth’s rotation. The geomagnetic south pole is at about 78°â•› S. , in East Antarctica; it is the center of the Southern Hemisphere auroras. The magnetic south pole is the area toward which compasses point; it is just off the Adélie Coast at about 65° S. 140°â•›E. 49 Investigating Earth’s Polar Biomes Antarctica does not have 24-hour periods broken into days and nights.

The Arctic lands of Russia are known to contain rich reserves of minerals, including The map shows in degrees Celsius the difference between the Earth’s average annual temperature in 2006 (October 2005 to September 2006) and the average annual temperature during the base period 1951–80. 4 °F). Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. 41 Investigating Earth’s Polar Biomes cobalt, nickel, coal, and iron. The gold and diamond mines of eastern Siberia place Russia high among world producers of these minerals.

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