Jim Wood's Icelandic Morphosyntax and Argument Structure PDF

By Jim Wood

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This booklet offers an in depth learn of Icelandic argument constitution alternations inside a syntactic conception of argument constitution. development on fresh theorizing in the Minimalist software and dispensed Morphology, the writer proposes that a lot of what's characteristically attributed to syntax might be relegated to the interfaces, and adapts the past due insertion idea of morphology to semantics. The ensuing approach varieties sound-meaning pairs via producing hierarchical buildings that may be translated into morphological representations, at the one hand, and semantic representations, at the different. The syntactic primitives, even though, underdetermine either morphophonology and semantics. with out attractive to important conditions, the speculation derives constraints at the exterior argument of causative-alternation verbs, interpretive regulations on nominative gadgets, and the optionally agentive interpretation of verbs denoting self-directed motion.

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The -age suffix will have a rule listing the roots conditioning its application, including the roots for marriage, carnage, carriage, pilferage, etc. √ √ √ √ (21) [n] ↔ -age / { marry, carn, carry, pilfer, … } ___ This rule says to spellout the categorial n head as -age when it is concatenated with any of the roots on that list. The derivation of marriage will be as in (22). (22) a. b. c. √ The verb marry has the structure [v marry √ v ], where the categorial v node will be realized as -Ø in the context of the root marry.

B. c. d. e. f. √ Here, hit takes the past tense allomorph -Ø because the root Hit is on the list for this allomorph, and because the zero exponence of v puts the root adjacent to T. In √ (25c), Hit is concatenated with v, and v is concatenated with Tpast . Vocabulary insertion inserts the null -Ø exponent of v, as shown in (25d), so it is pruned, as shown in (25e). Since (25f) meets the structural description in (25a), the idiosyncratic -Ø allomorph of Tpast is inserted. √ The verb pit does not get this allomorph because Pit is not on the list in (25a).

1 Syntactic properties of argument/event introducers Argument introducers Voice Appl Specifier p Case Voice{D} Voice{} No Appl{D} Appl{} Appldat (specifier) p{D} p{} No C-selection __ v __ D __ P Event introducer v v{} vdat (complement) vgen (complement) __ { D / Appl / p } may select v, and v may select p or Appl. Appl c-selects for a DP complement, and p c-selects for a PP complement. 1. 1 are in order. First, the requirement for a specifier refers to an externally merged specifier, not to an internally merged (moved) specifier.

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