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By Mathieu Guidère

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The Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism presents a accomplished and specific exam into Islam as a faith, Islam as a central authority, and Islam as a life-style. it's a thorough research of varied teams, occasions, hobbies, key figures, and dogmas that experience inspired modern Islamic Fundamentalism.

In this publication, Dr. Guidère offers an in-depth examine Islamic Fundamentalism via a close chronology, an introductory essay, an Arabic-to-English thesaurus, and an intensive bibliography. the most part of the publication involves the dictionary part, which has over 500 cross-referenced entries on teams, occasions, events, key figures, dogmas, ideologies, and routine of the 20 th and twenty first centuries. This publication is a wonderful entry element for prime university scholars, students, and someone attracted to a greater figuring out of the realm of Islam.

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28 August: Rashed al-Ghannoushi, Ennahda leader, is sentenced to death in Tunisia but flees to London. 1993 26 February: Bombing in the basement of the World Trade Center’s North Tower in New York City marks a new phase of international terrorism that targets solely civilians. 18 March: Professor Hamid Nasr Abu Zayd is charged with apostasy in Egypt. 1994 September: The Taliban army is formed. 26 October: Peace accords are signed between Israel and Jordan, leading to many Islamic insurgencies against the Jordanian King Hussein I.

Indb lviii 6/26/12 1:23 PM Introduction Fundamentalism, or the practicing of the basics of a creed’s doctrines, is not unique to Islam or to the ideological world. In fact, every religion has experienced some form of fundamentalism at one point in history. These forms of fundamentalist mentalities, from the moderate to the radical, have been in reaction to their own contemporary sociopolitical climates. With regard to Islamic fundamentalism, those who desire this return to the “fundamentals” do so because they feel that today’s changing modern world is blemishing the “sanctity” or “purity” of Islam and therefore that a return to the religion’s basics will preserve the faith and provide for a morally just life for its believers.

To the Islamic fundamentalists, this agenda is seen as an entirely achievable utopia since it did exist before. ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM IN THE INDIVIDUAL’S LIFE: MEN, WOMEN, FAMILY, THE BODY, AND THE SENSES From the view of the Islamic fundamentalists, men and women are completely distinct from one another. For men, they are to adhere to the regulations of the personal and familial life according to a rigorous, religious model. This is founded on the basis that man is the applicant of Allah’s prescriptions and guidelines to the family cell.

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