Green Mouse by Robert W. Chambers PDF

By Robert W. Chambers

ISBN-10: 0809592592

ISBN-13: 9780809592593

To the literary, literal, and clinical brain purposeless fiction is abhorrent. thankfully all of us are actually and scientifically vulnerable; the doom of purposeless fiction is sounded; and it's a nice convenience to think that, within the close to destiny, purely literary and clinical works appropriate for guy, girl, baby, and suffragette, are to decorate the lingerie-laden counters in our nice shops. it truly is, then, with animation and self belief that the writer in a well mannered way bargains to a regenerated kingdom this contemporary, ethical, literary, and hugely clinical paintings, thinly yet ineffectually disguised as fiction, in deference to the prejudices of some out of date story-readers who nonetheless continue to exist between us. -- R.W.C.

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Glancing up in dismay she found herself in a perfect storm of white butterflies--no, they were red--no, green! " he asked her. "A--a glass of water----" She was already holding it in her hands, and she cried out in amazement, spilling the brimming glass; but no water fell, only a rain of little crimson flames. " she faltered. "With perfect safety," he smiled, and she tasted it. "Taste it again," he said. She tried it; it was lemonade. " It was ginger ale. " She stared at the glass, frothing with ice-cream soda; there was a long silver spoon in it, too.

Her hand still lay in his; she looked up at him; her eyes were starry bright and a little moist. "I simply can't stand this," she said, steadying her voice. " "Your--your distress--" She choked; her sensitive mouth trembled. " "Care--care," she stammered. "You saved my life with a laugh! You face st-starvation with a laugh! Your father made mine! Care? " But she had bent her head; a bright tear fell, spangling his polished shoes; the pulsating seconds passed; he laid his other hand above both of hers which he held, and stood silent, stunned, scarcely daring to understand.

After a while, however, she became ashamed. " Her husband said, "By all means," without enthusiasm, and looked out of the window. "Still," he added, "I made a happy marriage. I'm for wedding bells every time. Sacharissa will like it, too. " Linda cast one tragic glance at her material husband, pushed her sister aside, arose and fled. After her sped the contrite Destyn; a distant door shut noisily; all the elements had gathered for the happy, first quarrel of the newly wedded. "Fudge," said Sacharissa, walking to the window, slim hands clasped loosely behind her back.

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