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By Keith Ward

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Keith Ward deals a brand new interpretation of Christianity, featuring a religion in concord with the clinical worldview, whereas last actual to its traditions.

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These topics have become very controversial in modern discussions of sexuality, but there is little doubt that they are traditional characterisations, and they remain powerful symbols. There is also little doubt that God must possess all such properties in their perfect form. There is, as Jung argued, good reason to include a 'feminine dimension' in the being of God. God relates to creation with 'motherly' care and compassion. Yet as the one and only source of all, the primal cause is named 'Father', to symbolise the indestructible power of being, which conquers chaos like a warrior and has the strength to ensure that its purposes will ultimately be achieved.

And both can see the universe as having a cosmic goal, which lies in the consciously apprehended fulfilment of the potentialities implicit in its origin. The Christian faith sees Christ as the archetype, the model, for all the forms of beauty and wisdom in the universe, and as the pleroma, the goal and fullness of being, towards which the cosmic process moves. In human history, Christ has taken embodiment in human form in Jesus of Nazareth, so that we can have access to the splendour of the cosmic Christ through the humanity of Jesus.

In quantum cosmology, quantum theory and relativity theory are both used to try to show how this universe might be generated by quantum fluctuations 'in a vacuum', where all electrons are in their ground state. Some physicists speak of this as 'creation out of nothing', but this is a misleading expression in two main ways. First, the word 'creation' is misused by such lvriters, because they are talking about the origin of the universe, the first microseconds of its existence, not about the creation of the universe by the intentional action of God.

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