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By Dennis Abrams

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George Washington Carver has been respected for his contributions to enhancing the lives of bad Southern farmers. Carver studied to be a scientist at a time whilst many black americans couldn't manage to pay for, or have been became clear of, universities. This identify tells his tale.

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To demonstrate this, he had his classes study a single plant in depth and showed them how a whole variety of natural processes—chemical and biological—came into play to produce and nurture it. To Carver, understanding how these different processes interacted was the essence of learning. One of the basic elements of Carver’s philosophy was that nature produced no waste. Instead, what was called “waste” was simply failure to use it properly. To illustrate this concept, Carver would show his students a tangled mass of string that had been thrown away as useless.

His teachers felt that he showed great promise and wanted him to continue his education. They also wanted to put his skills to use in Iowa State’s classrooms, this time on the other side of the teacher’s desk. Carver thus enrolled in the program for the master of agriculture degree and was appointed to the faculty as an assistant in biology, which enabled him to teach freshman courses. He must have struck quite a figure on and around campus, with his somewhat eccentric habits of wandering through the woods every morning and of always wearing a fresh flower in his lapel no matter how shabby his suit might have been.

The court said in this decision that separate facilities for blacks were legal as long as they were equal to white facilities. ” Southern states also adopted laws to deny blacks political rights. To keep blacks from voting, measures such as poll taxes and literacy tests were enacted. These laws capitalized on the widespread poverty and illiteracy of a black population just beginning to recover from generations of living in slavery. As a side effect, they eliminated many poor white voters as well.

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