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By Linda Glaser

ISBN-10: 0761349111

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ISBN-13: 9780761359838

What's that rubbish doing subsequent to the backyard? it isn't rubbish. it truly is compost! impressive issues take place within a compost bin. In move banana peels, grass clippings, or even an outdated jack-o'-lantern. Out comes compost. The compost is going into the backyard to make the soil wealthy for brand spanking new crops. Compost is nice for the earth. Composting additionally is helping us make much less rubbish. during this publication, you could watch as one family members makes compost for his or her backyard and in addition commence your own compost bin!

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This process of breaking down is called decay, or decomposition. Try this simple experiment to see how composting works: • Fill a large plant pot about one-third full of dirt. • Chop up a few food scraps (an apple core, carrot scrapings, salad—no meat or dairy), and add them to the dirt in the pot. • Add some more dirt to the pot. • Turn the mixture with a spoon every few days, and keep it damp (not wet) by spraying or sprinkling with water. Always make sure that there is dirt on the top layer after you’ve turned the mixture over.

30% Compost is good for the earth. Composting also helps us make less 30 garbage. In this book, you can watch as one family makes compost for their garden and also learn how to start your very own compost bin!

CAN YOU MAKE COMPOST IF YOU DON’T HAVE A BACKYARD? Some cities have composting programs. They collect yard waste and then compost it in big city piles. When it’s composted, they let people take it to use in their gardens. Some schools have composting programs. They put leftovers from the cafeteria and leaves from the yard into the compost bin. Or they use a worm composting box indoors. Then they use the compost in a school garden. WHAT MAKES THE GARBAGE TURN INTO COMPOST? In the compost bin, tiny bacteria start breaking down the organic matter.

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