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New glance! Relaunched with new jackets and eight pages of recent textual content! this is an unique and intriguing new examine fossils - the continues to be of long-vanished animals and vegetation. gorgeous real-life images of the excellent continues to be of historic lives supply a distinct "eyewitness" view of what fossils are, how they have been shaped, and the way they lived thousands of years in the past. See pearls which are 50 million years outdated, a dinosaur's toe, a hard "snake" that used to be grew to become to stone, a fossilized person, and a snail made from beneficial stones. find out how fossils are shaped, how trilobites were preserved for 590 million years, the place to seem for a belemnite, and the way fossils helped the pharaohs of old Egypt. notice that are the main worthwhile fossils on the earth, the place ammonites lived, how monstrous mammoths have been, what a devil's toenail appears like, and lots more and plenty, even more.

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Unlike most reptiles, ichthyosaurs gave birth to live young. Some specimens have been found with young inside the body cavity of adults, and several examples are known of mothers fossilized in the act of giving birth. Paddle for steering PADDLE POWER The limbs of plesiosaurs formed large paddles. Like a turtle, a plesiosaur probably flapped these up and down when swimming. TIME OF THE ICHTHYOSAURS Dating back to the Triassic, ichthyosaurs were especially common in the Jurassic and survived into the late Cretaceous.

Because bones of flying vertebrates have to be light, they are fragile and are seldom fossilized. Toothed beak WING SUPPORT This is one of the long finger bones which supported the wing of a Pteranodon, one of the largest flying animals that ever lived. The wingspan of this Cretaceous pterosaur was about 23 ft (7 m). WELL-BALANCED Pteranodon was a pterosaur with a bony crest on its head which counterbalanced its long toothless beak. It appears to have been a fish eater which soared over the oceans like the modern albatross.

Pterosaurs first appeared during the Triassic and became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous. Greatly lengthened fourth finger Membranous wing Short tail MISTAKEN IDENTITY This small dinosaur belongs to a group which many scientists believe were ancestors of birds. In 1973, some museum paleontologists in Germany realized that one of their specimens, long identified as Compsognathus, was really an Archaeopteryx! Body covered by fine fur Claws FLYING MAMMAL It is easy to see the similarity between this bat and the pterosaurs.

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