O. Richard Norton's Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites PDF

By O. Richard Norton

ISBN-10: 1848001568

ISBN-13: 9781848001565

Imagine the original event of being the first actual individual to carry a newly-found meteorite on your hand – a rock from area, older than Earth!

"Weekend meteorite looking" with magnets and steel detectors is changing into ever extra well known as a hobby, yet in fact you can’t simply stroll round and decide up meteorites within the similar manner so you might decide up seashells at the seashore. these fragments that survived the serious warmth of re-entry are inclined to conceal themselves as usual rocks over the years, and it takes a educated eye – in addition to the knowledge during this ebook – to acknowledge them.

Just as beginner astronomers are conversant in the telescopes and add-ons had to research a celestial item, novice meteoriticists need to use apparatus starting from easy hand lenses to microscopes to check a specimen, to spot its sort and origins.

Equipment and strategies are coated intimately the following in fact, besides a whole and entirely illustrated consultant to what chances are you'll locate and the place chances are you'll locate it. in truth, the sector consultant to Meteors and Meteorites comprises pretty well every thing an beginner astronomer – or geologist – must learn about meteors and meteorites.

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Asteroid 253 Mathilde photographed June 27, 1997, by the NEAR spacecraft on its way to asteroid 433 Eros. Mathilde has an albedo (reflectivity) of only 4%, fainter than charcoal and half the brightness of Earth’s moon. Courtesy of NASA. stopped after less than 2 seconds. Mission operators had lost contact with the spacecraft. NEAR was tumbling in space with no guidance. After a grueling period of 27 hours contact was finally reestablished but the opportunity to rendezvous and orbit around Eros on December 23, 1998, as planned, was no longer possible.

Courtesy of NASA, ESA, J. Parker (Southwest Research Institute), P. Thomas (Cornell University), L. McFadden (University of Maryland), and M. Mutchler and Z. Levay (STScl). The recovery of 1 Ceres was the beginning of a series of discoveries made over the next 7 years that culminated in the discovery of three additional asteroids: 2 Pallas, 3 Juno, and 4 Vesta. It became apparent that the space between Mars and Jupiter was not the home of a single planet but of several “minor planets,” each with its own orbital characteristics which placed them in a zone called the asteroid belt.

The Dawn Mission to 4 Vesta and 1 Ceres The Dawn mission to 4 Vesta and 1 Ceres was cancelled due to cost overruns and technical problems. But the human drive to understand our origins is a drive that cannot easily be controlled, much less denied. On March 26, 2006, NASA senior management officials announced to the world that the Dawn Mission had been reinstated. “We revisited a number of technical and financial challenges and the work being done to address them. Our review determined the project team has made substantive progress on many of this mission’s technical issues.

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