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The existence cycle of a plant might be really impressive to watch, and the strength of flora should be actually mystifying; give some thought to how yes environments are inhospitable to lifestyles, but theyre sprinkled with quite a few kinds of crops. Plant copy can take place asexually or sexually; the tactic of copy units the degree for the vegetation development and adulthood.

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In this example, if we want to have the load suspended in the air above the ground, then we have to apply an upward force of 20N to the rope in the direction of the arrow. If the rope was 3m long and we wanted to lift the weight up 3m above the ground, you would have to pull in 3m of rope to do it. Now imagine that we add a single fixed pulley to the scenario, as shown below. 20N We have not really changed anything in our favour. The only thing that has changed is the direction of the force we have to apply to lift the load.

97 mm readings and so on. A tally chart, shown across (bottom right), is the best way of doing this. Each time a measurement arises a tally mark is placed opposite the appropriate measurement. The fifth mark is usually made diagonally, which orders the tally marks into groups of five. This is purely to make counting easier. When the tally marks are complete, the marks are counted and the numerical value recorded in the column headed frequency. The frequency is the number of times each measurement occurs.

6m of rope must be pulled in. The more pulleys we have the easier it is to lift heavy objects. As rope is pulled from the top pulley wheel, the load and the bottom pulley wheel are lifted. If 2m of rope are pulled through, the load will only rise 1m (there are two ropes holding the load and both have to shorten by the same amount). With pulley systems, to calculate the effort required to lift the load, we divide the load by the number of ropes (excluding the rope connected to the effort). The following drawing shows a four pulley system, where the person lifting the 200kg mass or 2000N load (remember 1kg weighs 10N) has to exert a pull equal to only 500N (ie.

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