R. C. Muirhead-Thomson's Ecology of Insect Vector Populations PDF

By R. C. Muirhead-Thomson

ISBN-10: 1483231690

ISBN-13: 9781483231693

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Flies c a u g h t while a t rest o n bushes a n d trees, t h e flies following t h e 4 - 6 searchers h a v i n g b e e n c a u g h t a n d killed as far as possible. vi. Flies c a u g h t o n t w o stationary m e n . vii. Flies c a u g h t o n t w o m o v i n g (walking) m e n . I n t h e first of t w o series of e x p e r i m e n t s t h e collections o n s t a t i o n a r y a n d m o v i n g parties took place in t h e s a m e locality, t h e m o v i n g p a r t y w a l k i n g , or d r i v i n g , r o u n d t h e circumference of a circle a b o u t 12 y d in d i a m e t e r , a n d t h e stationary c a t c h b e i n g m a d e a t t h e c e n t r e of t h e 3.

W h i l e these m e t h o d s h a v e b e e n ext r e m e l y useful w i t h some vector a n o p h e l i n e s , t h e r e a r e still species w h i c h d o n o t a p p e a r to b e a t t r a c t e d to t h e present w i d e r a n g e of artificial resting sites available, a l t h o u g h large o u t d o o r - r e s t i n g p o p u l a t i o n s a r e k n o w n to exist. An. sundaicus in t h e oriental region a n d An. albimanus in t h e neo-tropical region a r e in this category. T h e use of these artificial o u t d o o r resting places for r o u t i n e s a m p l i n g has found its fullest expression in m a n y m a l a r i a e r a d i c a t i o n p r o g r a m m e s w h e r e c o n v e n t i o n a l m e t h o d s of s a m p l i n g indoor-resting p o p u l a t i o n s h a v e revealed severe limitations after t h e house has b e e n t r e a t e d w i t h insecticide.

A N O P H E L I N E MOSQUITO VECTORS OF MALARIA 35 A m e r i c a n vector, it h a s b e e n shown in o n e a r e a t h a t , of e a c h 100 females e n t e r i n g a house a t night, only a b o u t eight r e m a i n indoors o n t h e followi n g d a y ; o f t h a t eight only a b o u t o n e m a y b e detected b y visual searchi n g a n d h a n d c a t c h i n g . T h e s e figures a r e based o n a series of t h r e e catches, viz. (a) t h e use of t h e w i n d o w t r a p to t r a p t h e females escaping from a n o c c u p i e d h u t at n i g h t a n d a t d a w n ; (b) this is followed b y h a n d c a t c h i n g in t h e house, w h i c h in t u r n is followed b y (c) space s p r a y i n g in t h e s a m e house to detect t h e total resting p o p u l a t i o n .

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