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By Michael V. Sadovskll

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This learn monograph deals an creation to complex quantum box theoretical suggestions for many-particle platforms past perturbation concept. a number of schemes for resummation of the Feynman diagrams are defined. The ensuing approximations are specifically like minded for strongly correlated fermion and boson platforms. additionally thought of is the crossover from BCS superconductivity to Bose--Einstein condensation in fermion structures with robust beautiful interplay. particularly, a box theoretic formula of "bosonization" is gifted; it truly is released the following for the 1st time. this system is utilized to the fractional quantum corridor impact, to the Coulomb plasma, and to numerous precisely solvable types

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2) is then over microstates belonging to this surface only (over so called microcanonical ensemble). The existence of a definite single mean value of averaging and the equivalence of the results of averaging over time and over an ensemble (x = (x)), are based on a definite assumption. It is assumed that during the time tm of measurement the system visits, if not all the allowed microstates (it is, perhaps, not necessary), a representative enough sample of microstates which make up the major contribution to the mean value.

6) Here d(x — XQ) is the pulse (delta-) function which is nonzero only at x = XQ. 6 Markov processes; general theory 27 If, on the contrary, the time r — to is much longer than the relaxation time of the random process, the system has enough time to 'forget' the initial condition x(to) = xo, and, irrespective of the value of xo, the transition probability tends to the probability density at x: lim P(x, t|x0, t0) = w(x). 8) which falls off to zero as (t — to) —• oo. It follows from Eqs. 5) that this function satisfies the relations: J dxp(x,t\xo,to) = 0, J dxop(x,t|xo,to)w(xo) = 0.

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