Heinz K. Henisch's Crystals in Gels and Liesegang Rings PDF

By Heinz K. Henisch

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Supplying the 1st accomplished review of the tactic of crystal development in gels, Professor Henisch experiences the sector, overlaying the underlying physics in addition to the empirical adventure of development suggestions amassed during the last century. furthermore, the e-book discusses the phenomenon of periodic precipitation, which regularly governs the distribution of crystal in laboratory development platforms. For the 1st time, desktop concepts are delivered to undergo at the topic, the diffusion equations being solved numerically, in organization with the stipulations governing precipitations and crystal progress.

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Among these are not only agar and gelatin, but vanadium pentoxide, cerium hydroxide, zinc arsenate, and manganese arsenate, to mention only some; see, for instance, Roy (1931). However, as already noted, none can be thought of as a true 'general purpose medium', though silica gel comes close; it is highly desirable for its stability, but (unless extensively leached) tends to include unwanted ions by virtue of its preparation. Agar does not have that shortcoming but, as a natural substance, is difficult to purify, and hence is much less well defined and reproducible.

Before every iterative pass of the computaFig. 2. Computed concentration contours; for a finite (FIN) and a semiinfinite (INF) system (a) double diffusion; Comparison of semiinfinite and finite diffusion systems at different times (iterations). Differences show themselves after 30 iterations. AR= 100, L= 10 Results for various times T. (b) Diffusion of the same component from each side, after different times (iterations). A(0) = 100, A(L) = 50, L= 10. Chain lines: limit at T = oo. After Henisch and GarciaRuiz (1986a).

Silica gels prepared in the manner described above are only translucent, as distinct from transparent, and for certain types of experiment this is a handicap; however, there is a viable alternative. Thus, Barber and Simpson (1985) and Barber (1986) have described a method for preparing transparent silica gels, one that involves the use of a cation exchange resin (REXIN 101H). g. 100 g) is first kept in a solution (ca 100 ml) of potassium nitrate or chloride (about 1 M), and stirred for several hours, during which time the potassium replaces other cations in the resin.

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