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Motor vehicle technology is an intuitive and elementary kid's technology ebook in accordance with a subject pricey to kid's hearts: automobiles. In 4 sections, the booklet contains: a timeline of automobile invention; a "how it really works" advisor to fashionable vehicles, with exploded diagrams, cutaways, and special effects; key physics strategies, all in terms of automobiles and the way they run; and a glance into the way forward for vehicles, together with green inspiration autos.

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As you drive along, air molecules rub against the car’s bodywork, making a kind of friction called drag. The faster you go, the more energy you need to push against the airflow. Fighting friction If friction is the enemy of moving parts, lubrication (oiling things) is the enemy of friction. Liquids like oil make good lubricants because they spread between touching surfaces and can move around, preventing the tiny bumps and lumps from snagging. Bearings (rolling balls sandwiched between two moving metal parts) are another way of reducing friction.

Handling Science friction Nothing’s quite as smooth as it seems. The surface of any object is covered in microscopic lumps and bumps that snag against anything they touch. The result is a force that stops things from moving freely, and we call that force friction . Friction affects cars in dozens of different ways, but is it your friend or your foe? Friction helps things stick, improves your grip, and keeps you in control. Tires Friction helps tires bite the tarmac. Without it, a car’s wheels would just slip and spin—and it would go nowhere.

Tires Friction helps tires bite the tarmac. Without it, a car’s wheels would just slip and spin—and it would go nowhere. Tires are one of the most important parts of the car. Often tires are specially designed for a particular car or different weather conditions. FRIEND Pedals Brakes Your feet need a good grip on the pedals to drive safely. Pedals either have rubber pads fitted to them or have grooves cut into them to provide a rough surface that stops your foot from sliding off. The grooves look much cooler—and that’s what racing cars have.

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