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Many of these became possible only after completion of the mapping of the human genome. No matter which area of medical research is examined, the goals remain largely the same—to identify, prevent, manage, or cure diseases and conditions that afflict human beings. Thousands of researchers work tirelessly, hoping to find ways for people to live longer, healthier lives. Biotech research has provided tools such as gene mapping, gene splicing, gene therapy, and stem cell therapy. With these tools researchers seek cures for cancer, AIDS, malaria, flu, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, and many other diseases.

It was the first organism used by scientists for transferring genes from one plant to another. when they were introduced into plant DNA. In one experiment, the researchers wanted to take a bacterial gene that shielded cells from an antibiotic’s toxic effects and insert it into a plant to protect it, allowing it to grow to maturity. But the genes of the bacterium and those of the plant recognized different bits of DNA as switches or signals to turn genes off or on. ” When they did that, according to Dan Charles, author of Lords of the Harvest, they would have created a strand of DNA that was “half-bacterial, half-plant .

50 Advanced Organ Growth in the Lab Building on this success, Atala and his team of researchers have since taken healthy cells from another patient’s diseased bladder, multiplied them in the lab until there were millions of them, and then coated the cells onto a balloon-shaped structure made, in part, from collagen, a fibrous protein found in skin, bone, and other connective tissues. The lab-grown muscle cells adhered to the outside of the structure, while urothelial cells—cells found in the lining of the urinary tract—adhered to the inside.

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