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By Kathy-jo Wargin, Zachary Pullen

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Almost every body has heard of the Nobel Prize, a suite of prizes offered for accomplishments in technology, medication, literature, and peace. yet few humans learn about the fellow who tested the award and for whom it really is named, Alfred Nobel. Alfred Nobel used to be born in Sweden in 1833. a short and curious brain, mixed with a love of technological know-how and chemistry, drove him to invent a number of technological units all through his lengthy existence. yet he's possibly most suitable for his invention of dynamite. proceeding it to assist adequately strengthen highway and bridge building, Nobel observed his most renowned invention utilized in the improvement of army weaponry. After a newspaper headline mistakenly declares his dying, Nobel used to be encouraged to depart a legacy of one other variety. the guy at the back of the Peace Prize tells the tale of the long-lasting legacy of Alfred Nobel.Kathy-jo Wargin is the bestselling writer of greater than 30 books for kids. between her many awards for her paintings are a global Reading...

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It reported that Alfred Nobel, the dynamite king, had died of a heart attack. People everywhere were shocked by the news, but nobody was more shocked than Alfred Nobel. His brother Ludvig had recently died. The newspaper had reported it wrong. As Alfred read his own obituary, he realized that others saw him as a man who earned his wealth by inventing ways to injure and kill. For the rest of his days, this made him very sad. On December 10, 1896, Alfred Nobel died a wealthy but lonely man at his home He was buried in Sweden.


As the pain of his loss troubled him, Alfred worked day and night. Some days he would feel weak and ill, while others he felt lonely and sad, wanting nothing more than to escape into books or poetry. Two years after Emil died, Alfred mixed nitroglycerin with sand. This made a paste he could roll into the shape of a rod. He realized such rods could be put into holes so builders could make blasts happen only where they wanted. The rods would ignite only if they had a blasting cap, making them unlikely to explode on their own.

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