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To my new little home for all my fan artwork. You might have seen some of my fan art work from my old site [i n f i n i t f a n] which used to be hosted at the famous and brilliant [t i - f i . c o m].

x~ 21 May 2005 ~x

Yay it's up! Still not all complete though. But it's here. I'm just glad that this didn't take me long at all to do. I don't really have anything new to share in regards to artwork, just one Veronica Mars header which you can view from the [h e a d e r s] section. The collages and icons sections are still under construction. I'd die sorting out my icons, i know that.

I'm doing quite a few commisioned work at the moment. I won't be able to create anything fun for myself for awhile. But I will keep you posted, if suddenly the mood strikes. You know where to find me if you can't find me anywhere on my sites. =) Yep. [m y l i v e j o u r n a l] would be the best place to catch me.

Look there's a chatterbox on your left, I know some people using Firefox couldn't use that shoutbox before, but I edited the script and I think you can tag in there too if you use Firefox now. So leave me messages, if you're bored, ok? *g*

Please check out the lovely Digital Distortia family, there are a few sites still inactive. Make sure you say hello okay? They're all gorgeous and talented dears. *hugs & kisses* Thanks so much for visiting, everyone.


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